Easy Acrylic Butterfly Painting For Beginners And Kids

Easy Acrylic Butterfly Painting For Beginners And Kids

Butterflies are one of the easiest subjects to paint for kids and beginners. If you’re choosing new experiments for your kid’s art sessions, there’s nothing more beautiful than painting a butterfly. Colorful wings, delicate curves, and intrinsic hues and patterns, all sum up together to create cute easy butterfly paintings. Not to forget, you can […]

Acrylic Paint Pouring For Beginners And Kids

The most fun part about arts is it keeps surprising you with its new forms and techniques. Painting is enjoyable on its own – the bright colors, the creative enhancement, the liberty to create. It becomes more interesting when you add the element of the new artistic method – pouring paints. Free-flowing liquid paints are […]

Introduction to Diamond Painting for Kids and Beginners


Arts and crafts are a crucial part of every childhood. They teach kids to express themselves through creative mediums. Your children might not have developed a vocabulary to voice everything they feel. Through creative exposure to arts and crafts activities, they learn to explore their emotions and imaginations.  One of the arts and crafts activities […]

Easy Sunset Over Water Watercolor Painting

Easy Watercolor Sunset Over The Ocean For Kids And Beginners

Artists say that watercolor painting is almost a performance art.  A lot of happy accidents occur together to create a watercolor painting. A watercolor sunset over water painting reflects that creatively. A sunset in water painting is a brilliant idea for both kids and beginners. The reason is you can never go wrong with it […]

Easy Watercolor Flower Painting for Kids and Beginners

Easy Watercolor Flowers For Kids And Beginners

Watercoloring is a refreshing activity that brings you deeper into the world of art and creativity. Kids are easily drawn towards it since it involves fun and bright colors. It may seem intimidating at first, but just like other art forms, it needs a little time and practice. With proper instructions and steps, you can […]

Art World Knowledge – Is Acrylic Paint Toxic If Swallowed?

Young Boy With Acrylic Paint Covering Hands

Children love playing with colors and everything bright and happening. The moment you take their color bins out for any art project, they will flock towards you to make their unique masterpiece. We know you enjoy seeing your cutie playing with colors and creating an amazing piece of art. However, you might also notice your […]

Happiness Drawing Ideas

Drawing Happiness Ideas

Being able to express the way you are feeling is an extremely important life skill, pivotal to being a good communicator and enhancing the familial and social bonds which are key to our health and survival as human beings. One only needs to look at internet sites such as social media to see that there […]