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Many parents are looking for new ways to nurture their child’s creativity.
RiseBrite’s all-in-one quality activity sets have everything kids
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From Our Family To Your Family

Raising The Bar On Creativity

After working several years in the corporate world, we were burned out. Our daily routine was exactly the same: wake up each morning and immediately check our phones. Then, it was off to work to sit in front of a computer all day. We came home, watched TV, and then looked at our phones until we went to bed. 
Technology was taking up most – if not all – of our time. We longed for a creative outlet or hobby. 
We decided to take up painting. But we didn’t know where to start. We didn’t know what tools we needed. We didn’t even know what to paint. 
Instead of feeling excited about the prospect of a new hobby, we felt discouraged and intimidated by our new creative pursuit.

Unlocking creative potential

In those moments of frustration, we wished we had developed a hobby as children. We wished our parents had nurtured our skills and imagination from a young age. What if we had developed a creative skill that we could still use today? Something that allows us to create, to express ourselves, and to do something that doesn’t involve technology.
At the same time, we also noticed most parents put more emphasis on toys and activities that don’t necessarily involve developing creativity or, if it does, many of them are a one-time activity. Once they’re done, parents are back to searching for another activity all over again.
Out of our own personal desire for creativity, RiseBrite was born.

Igniting a creative spark 

We believe promoting creativity in kids leads to more confident, happy and mindful human beings. Kids who can connect with the world and themselves. Kids who can discover who they are and who they want to be. 
We also want this discovery to be easy. We want kids (and their parents!) to have all the tools they need, so they can succeed without stress and frustration.
We strive to create high-quality products that spark creativity through different activities. We hope to encourage and inspire young artists to cultivate and nourish their imagination and creativity for a world full of possibilities!
~Alejandra & Juni

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Be the parent who introduces your child to a hobby that lasts a lifetime.

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