Easy Landscape Watercolor Painting For Kids and Beginners

super easy watercolor landscape painting for kids and beginners

Welcome to a new tutorial! Take your watercolor supplies and let’s start this wonderful landscape painting!

Step 1:

We’ll start with the sky. Use a round brush and create a cloud effect like this. 

Add water to some areas to lighten the color.

Step 2:

Now apply pink paint under the violet.

Step 3:

Add pastel orange and mix the colors. 

Step 4:

Apply yellow and some orange and a little red. 

Step 5:

Continue mixing and applying color in the sky.

Step 6:

Now add small traces of color and leave some of the unpainted areas. 

Step 7:

We will now create an atmospheric effect. Use pastel colors. Also, add water to blend.

Step 8:

Now, continue with the mountains. Use the color blue. 

Step 9:

Paint the nearest mountains using green. Use water to lighten the color.  Apply different types of green. 

Step 10:

Continue creating the other mountains. Put darker color tones on one side to create a little volume. 

Step 11:

Repeat the process with the mountains in blue. Put some shadows, and leave some areas with lighter tones to represent the sunlit faces of the mountains.

Step 12:

Paint the sun under a cloud using light yellow. 

Step 13:

Add some flower details to the prairie. Draw small circles in the distance and use different colors for the flowers. Finish the last details and we are done!

Step 14:

Enjoy your beautiful mountain landscape painting!