Fun with Watercolor: 5 Easy Painting Techniques for Kids

Mother And Daughter Painting Activity

Interest for painting in watercolor has perhaps always started as a curiosity among children. It can be a bit intimidating for adults. However, youngsters have already become comfortable with it because it helps them express themselves through washes of colors. At RiseBrite, we are deep believers in the idea of boosting the confidence of our […]

How to Raise Creative Kids

Creative Child Scribbling With Crayon

“There are no rules in art!” My bright-eyed four-year-old happily declares. She is scribbling purple marker all over her wobbly drawing of our family. I cringe, wanting to stop her. But, I can’t, because of our motto: there are no rules in art. I want her to enjoy the process and not worry about what […]

Best Easy Valentine’s Themed Cupcake Recipes And Design Ideas Your Kids Can Actually Make

Heart Inside Surprise Valentine's Day Cupcakes For Kids

Let’s face it, when you are parents, Valentine’s Day is a kids holiday! Valentine’s Day can be a great opportunity to build bonds with you children by doing something creative and artistic together. Baking Valentine’s Day cupcakes is one such activity you can do. Deciding on a Valentine’s Day cupcake decoration can be difficult though. […]

21 Must Have Supplies For Your Kids Baking Party

Kids Baking Party Cake

Here at RiseBrite we strive to help parents and guardians facilitate the formation of healthy bonds in their children’s lives. One great way to encourage both familiar and social bonds is through the celebration of birthdays. COVID 19 Update: How to Celebrate Your Kids Birthday During Social Distancing Birthdays and other holidays provide a perfect […]

11 Things Your Child Will Learn From Baking

Kids Enjoy Learning From Cooking

Your child can learn a variety of skills from joining you for a baking session in the kitchen. Your budding baker will have the chance to practice skills from many of the major academic disciplines. These disciplines and skills include: Math Counting Units of measure Fractions Science Physical states Chemistry Temperature Time Microbiology Literacy Number […]