Super Easy Step By Step Watercolor Rose And Tulip Flower Painting For Kids and Beginners

Super Easy Watercolor Rose And Tulip Flower Painting For Kids and Beginners

Welcome to a new watercolor painting tutorial! Today, we are going to learn how to create flowers and leaves with watercolor!

Step 1:

Let’s start with one tulip flower. Use the tip of the round brush to sketch the petals. 

Step 2:

Use a light color paint to fill it in and leave some areas uncovered. 

Step 3:

Paint the stem of the flower like this.

Step 4:

Add some leaves.

Step 5:

Next to the first flower, create a new tulip using another color. This time, apply a little more paint to the tip and bottom of each flower petal. Continue from the edges toward the center. 

Step 6:

Paint the stem and leaves like before.

Step 7:

Now, let’s create a rose. Start from the center by making curved petals. 

Step 8:

Continue creating a circular shape and painting bigger petals on the edges.

Step 9:

Add red tones in some areas.

Step 10:

Paint the stems and leaves.

Step 11:

Paint another tulip using a different color. 

Step 12:

Let’s create some shadows using deeper color tones.

Step 13:

Apply this process to all flowers, stems, and leaves. 

Step 14:

Add more leaves and springs in other areas. You can use different colors and sizes.

Step 15:

Paint all the leaves, flowers, and details you like. Have fun creating a beautiful design!

Step 16:

Let it dry and enjoy your beautiful watercolor creation!