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Our mission is to help parents and family members raise communicative and expressive kids who grow up to have well adjust, healthy relationships.

It is our belief the the bonding that occurs between child and family during shared activities goes a long way toward contributing that success. Further, creative projects provide a unique opportunity to combine familial bonding and communication in one activity.

We regular post about parenting through the lens of creativity in order to provide guides that help parents raise their little heros.


Art World Knowledge – Is Acrylic Paint Toxic If Swallowed?

Young Boy With Acrylic Paint Covering Hands

Children love playing with colors and everything bright and happening. The moment you take their color bins out for any art project, they will flock towards you to make their unique masterpiece. We know you enjoy seeing your cutie playing with colors and creating an amazing piece of art. However, you might also notice your […]

How to Raise Creative Kids

Creative Child Scribbling With Crayon

“There are no rules in art!” My bright-eyed four-year-old happily declares. She is scribbling purple marker all over her wobbly drawing of our family. I cringe, wanting to stop her. But, I can’t, because of our motto: there are no rules in art. I want her to enjoy the process and not worry about what […]